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04-May-2009: I. Laabidi joined the project and will contribute during her end of studies project

University of Luxembourg

This website provides informations about UrbiSim, a C++ framework dedicated to the simulation of ad hoc and delay tolerant networks in a urban environment.


Framework presentation

UrbiSim is a new simulation framework for delay tolerant and ad hoc network research applied to urban environments. By providing two levels of mobility modeling, this work tries to cope with two of the current limitations of simulation models: realistically mimicking mobility at an individual level and offering a global movement pattern, reflecting the social behavior of users.

Figure 1: UrbiSim randomly-generated urban environment example
UrbiSim urban environment example

Conceived as a framework, independent of any simulation tool, UrbiSim is made to incorporate real-world data and extended to cover many simulation use-cases including pedestrian and vehicular mobility.

Figure 2: UrbiSim architecture
UrbiSim architecture

As the user behavior model might be based on membership of several social groups, it is also a powerful tool to investigate the impact of social interactions on ad hoc networks.


Development status

Urbisim is still in its development releases and may not yet be suitable for extensive simulations. However, any contribution will be accepted and welcomed.



UrbiSim is written by Guillaume-Jean Herbiet with the help of Imen Laabidi, from SUP'COM Tunis.

This is an open-source project yet if you use it, it would be nice to inform us (with a short description of the way you use the framework) and give us some feedback about it. To do so, you can use the Contact page.